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Amala Joint

Hungry? Come to Amala Joint to have a taste of Africa

Nigerian Cuisine.

Our Delicious story

We Are A One Of A Kind Eatery

AMALA JOINT is a one-of-a-kind Nigerian Restaurant with a great taste of traditional Recipes. Our food is prepared with freshness and uniqueness which simply brings out the Homemade taste and satisfaction. We’ve got amazing and affordable menus and also, we’re also expanding our menu to provide more choices.

Reserve now and treat yourself to a wonderfully prepared meal.

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Featured Delicacies

fresh from the kitchen

All meals are served with great customer service

Okra Soup

Assorted meat Okra

Goat Meat Stew

Amala Gbegiri & Ewedu

Jollof Rice

With Fish, Beef or Chicken


Efo riro

Egusi Soup

Don't Feel Like Going Out?

Let Us Deliver To You  (Available During Open Hours Only)

Customer Reviews

"Most amazing food I ever had!!"

- Ade J

"Amazing taste, and juicy chicken and fish!! Best ever!!"

- Bole Akinola

"I always visit here, and they always make me feel at home!! Highly recommended."

- Robert Agwe

"A must visit for every African"

- Darren Azacca
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